Belcaro Neighborhood

Belcaro-MapNamed for the magnificent 54-room Georgian country estate and tennis pavilion built by retired Senator Lawrence Phipps in the early 1930s, the Belcaro neighborhood today includes beautiful homes with lovely lawns surrounding the mansion that remains at its center. In the 1960s, Mrs. Phipps donated the tennis pavilion and mansion to the University of Denver; which was used, until recently, as a corporate conference center and a popular location for area weddings. In late 2010 the home was sold to a Denver entrepreneur who has begun restoring the mansion.

With lovely, mature trees, Belcaro is a haven for elegant, predominantly ranch style homes of all shapes and sizes, all large by most standards. At the center of Belcaro, the homes gracing the winding streets tend to be even larger and sprawl across vast, well manicured lawns.

Belcaro Neighborhood Highlights:

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