Cherry Creek North Sells Second Half of Bonds

The Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District sold the remaining $9.25 million of bonds on September 2nd that will provide the necessary capital to make major improvements to the area as reported in a Denver Post article:

The enhancements will include new street lighting, color-coded store directories, banners, stone monument signs at major entrances and landscaping. Fillmore Plaza and the district’s intersections will be redesigned.

In addition the familiar green parking kiosks will be replaced with solar powered parking meters.  The new meters should greatly decrease transaction time and still provide the flexibility of using coins, credit cards, and debit cards.

Cherry Creek North has not had a major facelift like the one planned for 2010 for over twenty years.  The $18.5 million, along with the millions of dollars invested by the private sector will continue to boost the value of surrounding homes for decades to come.

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