Golden Triangle Neighborhood


Golden Triangle is one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods with a handful of bungalows and Victorian homes built in  late 1800’s, many of which fell into disrepair or were bulldozed in favor of surface parking lots, and commercial interests during the second-half of the past century.  The neighborhood has begun to redefine itself over the past decade.

With the recent addition of the Denver Art Museum and their associated residences and efforts to clean-up Civic Center park, this neighborhood could be turning a new leaf.  Certainly its location could not be more centrally located to Denver’s major venues.  Unfortunately, Denver developer Craig Nassi’s additions of such projects as the the Prado and Beauvallion, while impressive in size, have created a slew of lawsuits for alleged shoddy craftsmanship.  However, other low-profile condo projects in the area have proven to be successful.

Golden Triangle Neighborhood Highlights:

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