Is Your Realtor on Top of Today’s Technologies


Let’s face it, while there are plenty of innovative solutions that offer strong value to the real estate industry, there seem to be few Realtors who know how to make sense of it all.  While real estate appears to be an industry ripe for technological change why is that few agents are adopting these technologies, many of which their clients use everyday?

First, the average age of a Realtor is 54, that’s average!  So you can imagine the challenge of changing business processes so radically let alone the learning curve involved in doing so.  Secondly, the industry has been deluged with “solutions” many of which appear to be the magic elixir that will sell any condo or accurately price any home.  It’s easier to “just say no” to technology rather than to try a hit-or-miss approach to throwing money at it.  And finally, while the old tried-and-true methods, like newspaper ads and open houses, are unlikely to sell a home, they might just find a new client for the Realtor.

What makes The Cramer Group different?  First, our average age is 37 — technology has always been a part of our school, business, and personal lives.  Secondly and perhaps most importantly, we constantly look at every business solution from the client’s point of view (marketing 101), and by doing so we easily recognize what’s snake-oil and what’s real value.  Finally, our slogan, “Reputation for results” is our business marketing plan.  Instead of using our clients’ homes to market ourselves, we market our clients home to sell with the faith that they will want to refer us to others for doing a great job.

We bring a tool box of effective marketing options to every client, and customize the best solution to get the job done right.  If you or someone you know is considering selling their home or is having a hard time selling their home, contact us to see what a difference a business approach to real estate can make.

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