Living Streets Initiative to make Denver more Bike and Pedestrian Friendly


According to the Denver Post in their recent article, eight city departments are collaborating to develop solutions to make Denver a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly community without spending a lot of money.

We’re changing the conversation from talking about roads for vehicles or cars to making streets for living,

said Peter Park, Manager of the city’s community, planning and development department.

It’s interesting to note the economic difference that pedestrian and bike friendly streets make to neighborhood economies. In the past decisions were made regarding traffic flow, this initiative is taking a more holistic approach when considering the neighborhoods where changes could be made and friendlier corridors created.

On a related note, the newly completed Cherry Creek bike path stretch between Holly and Oneida streets opened on October 10th.  The new stretch did cost $$$ to the tune of $1.6 million.  The new stretch eliminated six dangerous street crossings and provides 12 miles of trail with no street crossings.

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