Overcoming that Awkward Silence

It’s the last day of Chanukah and it’s Christmas Eve and you probably have a few parties between now and New Year’s day. If you’re running out of topics to chat about, here are some Denver real estate statistics to stoke the fire.
Evaporating Inventory
At the top of our list to Santa this year is “more housing inventory please”! We’ve plummeted from 5,322 homes for sale in June 2010 to 643 this month. More egg nog?
Ever Strong Demand
The number of homes sold would be even higher if there were more homes available for sale. Demand for Denver is strong, and in case you missed this story about Denver’s growth as seen through the eyes of restaurateurs this should put a smile on your face and a grumble in your belly:

Top Chefs Discover Denver’s Fast Growing Restaurant Scene(Click here)



Prices Are on The Rise
No Black Friday deals here. Median home prices are up about 26% since 2009.


Luxury Market is Strengthening
During the economic downturn the luxury market was hit hard and has recovered slowly. We are now at 3.4 months of inventory for homes over $800,000, which represents the top 10% of the market. 6 months is a balanced market – so we are in a sellers’ market even at the high end. “Bah humbug” say the buyers!




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