Park Hill Neighborhood

Park Hill today is a tight-knit neighborhood full of diversity, character and history. Park Hill features some of Denver’s most distinguished architectural gems—with magnificent old homes of strength and unique character, from large Tudors and Denver Squares to Victorians and sturdy brick bungalows. All streets in Park Hill are lined with lovely mature trees; residents take great pride in maintaining their lawns and gardens.

Along both Seventeenth Avenue Parkway and Montview Boulevard, you’ll find a splendid array of mansions with architectural styles ranging from Mission to Dutch Colonial, from Mediterranean to Victorian. The Parkway is a haven to neighborhood walkers and runners.  This thriving community has made a place for everyone and offers a wonderful eclectic mix of residents, from single businesspeople to retirees to young couples with children.

The neighborhood is 10 minutes from Denver Downtown and Cherry Creek Neighborhood, and most of its residents work nearby.

Park Hill Neighborhood Highlights:

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