Platt Park Neighborhood

Platt-Park-Neighborhood-MapPlatt Park sits on the southwestern boundary of Wash Park and is best known for its commercial district, “Old South Pearl Street”, one of the remnants of the old trolley car system of long ago.  It’s popular restaurants include Sushi Den, Black Pearl Denver, Hanson’s Grill and Tavern, and the Pajama Baking Company to name a few.

East of Clarkson Street is zoned detached single family residence which for the most part has maintained its 1940’s built bungalows and tudors.  West of Clarkson is zoned single family residence detached and attached.  As a result developers have been gobbling up old homes, scraping them, and building duplexes, primarily between Logan and Clarkson.  Updated to Denver’s zoning codes may bring such development to a halt.

Regardless, the area stands to appreciate very nicely in the future because of its proximity to: Wash Park, Light Rail, I-25, and the redevelopment of the Gates Rubber Plant, which at this time is on hold.  The charm and allure of Pearl Street cannot be discounted as well, along with the clean-up of Broadway on its western border.

Platt Park Neighborhood Highlights:

  • Light Rail – Easy access to downtown and the Denver Tech Center
  • Wash Park – A Denver hub for running, biking, rollerblading, and other sports enthusiasts
  • Gates Redevelopment – At the corner of Mississippi and Broadway, a planned mixed use development
  • Sushi Den – Arguably Denver’s best sushi restaurant, or at least most popular
  • Hanson’s Grill and Tavern – A great neighborhood restaurant and bar
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