Stapleton Neighborhood


Stapleton has nearly six schools and more than 200 shops, restaurants and services. There are 24 parks here, including the 80-acre Central Park, which is Denver’s third largest. And the more than 26,000 trees that have been planted to date.

Just 15 minutes from Downtown Denver and 15 minutes to Denver International Airport, Stapleton’s 4,700 acres set a new standard for urban living: a new generation of neighborhoods that 30,000 residents and 35,000 workers can call home.

Homes in Stapleton range from McMansions to affordable condos and rentals to townhomes, and paired homes – you’ll find it all here.  In addition, the project was developed by a myriad of development builders and architects to reduce the monotony often associated with planned communities.

A caveat to prospective buyers – Stapleton has plenty of land to be further developed in the coming years which will provide new build competition for owners who need to sell.

Stapleton Neighborhood Highlights:

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