We Just Moved!

No, we did not sell our home — that would be silly
After ten years at Coldwell Banker, Devonshire we have decided to move to Kentwood Real Estate. While Kentwood’s cost of doing business is a bit more expensive for us (not our clients), we believe that our buyers will benefit from access to more homes before they hit the market, and our sellers will benefit from exposure to stronger agents at our pre-market broker opens.

Why Kentwood?  Based on our own anaylysis of the MLS data, Kentwood sells 50% more homes in central Denver than their next competitor! And Kentwood sells approximately 23% of their homes to clients represented by other Kentwood agents compared to Coldwell Banker’s 13%. They do more business and communicate internally better than any other real estate company in central Denver. Ultimately our clients are better served.



Geek Facts
We were surprised to learn from our analysis that a whopping 545 real estate companies listed the 2,915 homes sold in central Denver last year.

Of those 545 companies a whopping 56% sold only 1 home in central Denver for the entire year.

A whopping (lots of whopping) 87% of real estate companies sold five or fewer central Denver homes for the year. Kentwood will sell more central Denver homes this week than 87% of the market will sell this year!

If you or someone you know is considering making a real estate move, we would love to put our talents and efforts and the power of Kentwood Real Estate to work. Thank you for your support and referrals!

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